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Lunar BioLab


Lunar BioLab.


With space exploration still hot on our tongues, the imagination flares with exo-exploration and space colonization. This set is my interpretation of a Lunar BioLab, basically a moon based greenhouse, to test and see if plant life can be cultured on the moon.


This set was made using Lego Digital Designer (LDD) and consists of 631 bricks, it is 30 studs wide, 24 studs deep and approximately 13 bricks high.


The two front wall sections and roof are removable for easy access and play, the front dooropens, as does the airlock (back) door to allow you to connect other space modules, as well as both biopods in the front, and the solar panels on the roof are able to tilt, to make the most of the available sun light. The set also comes with an exo-biology scientist, (space gardener).

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