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Skull Rock Pirate Base


About This Project:

This project is a pirate themed set called Skull Rock. Skull Rock is a pirate base that is located in a jungle, on a river, and built around a skull rock that spans the river. There are lots of flowers and other plants to fill out the jungle. There are also some trees of various shapes and sizes. There are many things hiding in the jungles plant life like a crocodile or alligator that is waiting to strike by the rivers edge, four snakes in various areas, a scorpion, frogs, and some insects. Also scouting the base are some tribal guys. Boats can travel down the river and through the mouth of the skull to enter the base. Inside the skull rock is part of the river, an area for storing treasure, and a look out spot where the lookout looks through the skulls eyes to oversee the river and part of the jungle. Also inside the rock is where the dock to the base is. The base is constructed out of old shipwrecks and other scrap they could find. The base has three levels. Level one has the dock and the blacksmith on it. Level two has the tavern where food is prepared and eaten. The third level has the main defenses with cannons and a lookout. Also on the third floor but on top of Skull Rock is the captain's quarters where the captains can parlay.

Play Features:

  • Lots of pirate themed fun.
  • Main cannon on top of the base can spin 360 degrees.


  • Many minifigure accessories most are in the pictures.
  • Many animals like frogs, a crocodile or alligator, four snakes, a dog, a scorpion, and a parrot.
  • Some insects like, ladybugs, butterflies, and a spider.
  • A boat.
  • Twelve minifigures some pirates, blue coats, and tribal guys.

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Happy Building.


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