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Hibachi Restuarant

This build is a hibachi restaurant. I built this because a couple times a year I eat at a hibachi restaurant, which I really enjoy. I think that this would be really cool to have because it would look nice against other Lego city sets. The exterior of this build features a tiled sidewalk, a fire hydrant, a lamp post, and a trash can with trash in it. The inside of the build features two tables with food cooking, a cash register with money, two barrels filled with supplies, a nice dark-orange tile with brown studs for the mini figures to stand on, a restroom with two stalls, toilets, toilet paper, two working doors, a flushing mechanism, a ventilation system, and a sink. This build also features seven glass windows, a glass door, and a door leading into the restroom. There are eight minifigures, including: two chefs, the employee at the cash register, and five customers along with seats for them to sit on. To access the inside, there is no roof for easy playability.

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