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Woolworth Building New York

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The Woolworth Building was designed by Cass Gilbert, and upon its completion in 1913 was the tallest building in the world at 792 feet (241.4m). It held the title until it was passed by 40 Wall Street. Due to its gothic styling, it gained the nickname the "Cathedral of Commerce" at its inauguration. The layout of the floor plan was conceived so as to provide the most sunlight possible to all offices.

Being located across from the Brooklyn Bridge on Broadway, the Woolworth Building is easily visible from street level in many directions.

In 2001 the building's terra cotta bricks took on a great deal of damage and discoloration because of its proximity to the WTC. The building's exterior has gone through recent renovations and has regained its luminescence.

180 degrees of Woolworth.

A bit closer to a street level view. Designed on a slightly larger scale than the Empire State to take advantage of the green slopes.

The terra cotta bricks have recently been replaced due to discoloration.

Day and night views of the Woolworth Building (all photos, me).

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