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Snowfield Cave House

This is a cold field, covered by snow all year round. But there is a warm and comfortable cave house hidden underground. The owners of the house are two elder people and their grandson, they live here with a group of hibernators, an explorer also resides here.

The work can be divided into three parts:The storeroom on the left, the living room in the middle, and the tree hole on the right. They can all be dismantled and played with separately.

There is a food rack in the storeroom where a mouse is eating cheese, and three wine barrels. The roof can be removed, the right door opening is the passage to the living room.

The living room is divided into two areas. On the left is the bedroom, with a bed, wardrobe, aquarium, etc. The right wall is a bookshelf, where there is a antique clock, fireplace, skylight, and a sumptumous dinner. The roof is connected by a slide rail, which can be pulled out for a more intuitive view of the interior. There are also two mechanisms in this part, which are a rabbits hole and a snakes nest, you don't see them, but they can all be disassembled and played with separately.

The last part is a huge hollow tree hole. It was originally a huge ancient tree, but now it has become the home of bear and squirrel.

Now, let's take a look at the aboveground part. It's a snowy plain, here is a soiltary tree, an explorer's tent, and a campfire. Two snowmen quietly guard this place. In this peaceful land, humans and animals live harmoniously together. While enjoying this resource, listen to the breath of the earth. We should all be close to nature, protect nature, and return to nature.

This work consists of a total of 2243 parts, 4 minifigures.

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