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Bakery Modular

This is my forth project on Lego digital designer. It is once again a modular building. This one is a bakery. It is the same size as my hotel. It has about 1000 bricks in it. I wanted to make a bakery because in real life, I love to eat good desserts but not bad ones. So, I tried to make everything in the store look as appetizing as possible. There are cakes, cupcakes, bread and croissants for sale. The second floor is the bakers kitchen and the third floor is the residence of the owner of the store. I could not come up with a name for this model so I just called it Bakery Modular. The owner of the store is the mini-figure on the first floor. She is also the baker. I added flowers on the windows to add colour but still stuck to the beige and dark/light orange of the walls. I put a lamppost in front of the store as in all the modular buildings. The roof dots were made colourful because I wanted to just have a little bright colour so that it would seem happier. I put 1x1 round plates sideways of different colours all going into each other (eg. red to orange to orange yellow to yellow....). Then, I put a transparent 1x1 plate with no knob on all of them to make the colour less obvious.

This is the first floor of my modular bakery. There is a selection of eight cupcakes and 3 cakes of all different flavors. Some of them are chocolate or vanilla and the rest are all fruit or nut flavored. There is a back door and a clerk standing in front of it. In the corner, there are two baskets. one for bread and one for croissants but the program I used won't let me put food in baskets. Stairs lead to the second floor. I remember seeing this kind of tile pattern in a mall and I liked it. So, I decided to apply it to my bakery but in a different colour.

This is the third floor of my bakery. There is a pink bed, a rug and a sofa. I put two flower stalks together to make a bunch of 6 flowers. A lamp is in one corner.

This is the back of my modular. there is a trash bin and a chair to relax in.

And finally, the second floor. There is a stove and two cabinets for the baking part of the day. Two palm trees in the front corners make it seem calmer and more relaxed. Their is a chair for the owner to sit in while waiting for the baking dough to ferment. The sofa in the corner is not supposed to be there but I was in the process of making the third floor when I took this image.