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Langka’s Adventure(Legend of the Temple of Fire)

Who will take the throne in the Temple of Fire?
Thousands of people wandered in search of the Temple of Fire to become a hero. Some have reached the temple of fire, but it is not easy to get to the temple nestled on an island within the poisonous lake of death.
Langka(today's hero), overcame all kinds of adversity and slowly arrived at the Lake of Death. He arrived with all my might. But the hero who stood in front of him. “After defeating me, choose the holy thing.”, There are three sanctuaries in front of the hero. Sanctuary of Fire, Sanctuary of Water, Sanctuary of Earth. What treasures are there. A sword, armor, and shield are enshrined. It will never fall into his hands unless it is the true master. What choice would you make? He got one, but the tests of other warriors await.
Oh, where is the end of the ordeal? Still, it seems that he has become stronger than before because he has obtained the Holy Relic. It's a road that I'm prepared for death, but it's very difficult. The high stairs waiting for Langka who defeated the warriors, is this the last? It wasn't. Dragons and dragons will be tested to see if they are their true masters. A golden throne in front of you

I wanted to teach growing children choice, courage, and responsibility. Adversity springs up everywhere, but overcoming them and cultivating the courage and ability to go one step further, achieve the ultimate goal. What does a real hero look like? I came up with this set while imagining it.

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