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DigDug 40th Anniversary

DigDug lettering was done with video shop.
Yet another of my favorite childhood games is about to turn 40.
DigDug was described as a “strategic digging game” by Namco where unlike most games where you evade enemies, the goal here was to defeat all of them on each level by inflating with an air pump until they burst or crushing them under a rock.

I love adding accessories and Easter eggs to my Brickheadz designs and this one is no exception.

His enemies are Pooka, a round tomato looking creature with comically large eyes and Fygar, a fire breathing dragon.

Each screen consists of different colored layers of dirt and a flower at the surface to indicate the number of levels you’ve completed, so I decided to model his brain as such. With a hinged lift of his helmet, the brain is revealed and can be removed/displayed beside him.

I also included his trusty pickaxe and of course his air pump which can be connected to either enemy to simulate an attack.

I also modeled his base to resemble the layers of dirt and included a row of flowers to indicate the levels.

I hope this rings nostalgia for most and sparks curiosity for those seeking some retro fun.

Please join along with the hopefully 9,999 others in supporting this build, so it can (fingers crossed) be chosen to grace store shelves everywhere. 
Thanks for stopping by and happy bricking. 

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