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Canal Cruiser


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This elegant cruiser is based on the boat I used to own, on which I cruised the French canal system. The cabin houses a large double berth and storage cabinets. The foredeck is perfect for lounging and the anchor is always handy for quick use. Solar panels on the wheelhouse provide the cruiser with its power. The afterdeck is roomy enough for a small scooter or bicycle and the dinghy hangs out of the way. The life preserver is always ready for any emergency situation. Boat fenders are always a good idea and boat lights, always mandatory, are accurate. Of course, it's always great to fly the official "Lego" flag.

This smaller set would be perfect for a canal scene as many of the boats already produced by Lego are more commercial.  If you need a smaller vehicle for your boating scene, this is the boat idea to support!

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