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Ninja Training Dojo



Enter the beautiful Ninja Training Dojo with curved stone steps, blade details over entrance, dark blue curved tiling on the roof, lanterns, interesting mosaic at the back and oriental-style windows.

It's the ultimate training area for mini-figures to become master fighters! Equipped with the following functions to help train your ninja:

Dodge the dangerous chopping swords and spinning blades in the walls all activated by the turning of one single handle!

Dummy with blades to hit and spin, located on an interesting mosaic base!

Spiked pits and walls to avoid!

A chain to practise your swinging skills and an assortment of weapons to choose from!

Pull the pin in the roof to access the secret weapon store with golden blade!

After training you can observe some of the ancient artefacts like the green gemstone, samurai helmet and silver goblet. Or you can write letters and paint at the desk which has pots and drawers to store your things.

My Thoughts:

My main aim with this model was to combine an interesting (but not too complicated build) with impressive playability and functionality that would fit the average 14+ Lego customer's needs. I also thought about price and piece restrictions that an official designer would face and with approximately 900 pieces it fits nicely. I had fun designing the mechanism for the slicing and rotating blade function and making it fit was challenging but I think it makes a great play feature. This is my first ever custom building and at the age of 15 I am very pleased with the overall result.

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