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Falcon 9 Booster


This is a scale model of a landed SpaceX Falcon 9 booster. These boosters are used to launch spacecraft and satellites into orbit before returning to land back on earth. I chose to create a model of the booster right after landing - including the discoloration that the booster acquires as it reenters the atmosphere.

The model is hollow but very strong. It is easily able to support its own weight on the four legs. There are no decals or stickers used in the decoration. Everything is made from standard production Lego bricks.


  • 1224 pieces
  • 883 mm tall (34.8 inches)
  • 380 mm wide at the base (15 inches)
  • 1.404 kg (3.1 lb)
  • Approx. 56:1 scale


  • Deployed landing legs
  • Deployed grid fins
  • 9 Merlin engines
  • External raceway
  • Stage separation pushers
  • Interstage with Falcon 9 logo and american flag
  • SpaceX wordmark

Fun to build and looks great as a display!

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