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Lego Snowflakes


This project is to make realistic Lego snowflakes, to decorate your house on Christmas holiday seasons. These snowflakes are made in a hexagon shape, just like real snowflakes are. There are 2 kinds of models: a big one, and a small one.

The big model uses 324 pieces. Its frame is constructed using the skeleton body and the Dementor leg elements. The small model uses 24 pieces. It can be easily angled by using a technic rotor blade piece.

These models can be hung up on the wall by using Spiderman's web sling pieces. The small model is light enough to be attatched on a window by using the plunger element.

This is my first Lego Ideas project. I hope you like it. I will appreciate it if you support this project. Thank you for taking a look!

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