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We're Off To See The Wizard...


„Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!“

This creation is a playset based on the cult film of 1939: The Wizard of Oz. This construction is divided into 5 plates:

-Dorothy's arrival in the land of Oz
-Meeting the Scarecrow
-The meeting of the lumberjack
-The Lion's Meeting
-The Emerald City and the Magician's Courtroom

These 5 plates each possess a part of the yellow brick road and evidence connect to each other to form a real path.

This set contains 7 characters:
-Dorothy (with Toto)
-Tin Man
-The Lion
-Wicked Witch
-the Guard
-The Wizard of Oz

This creation contains several references of the film such as:
-The witch crushed by Dorothy's house
-The removable tree with an apple cannon (which refers to the scene of the live apple tree).
-At the back of the emerald city, there is a space dedicated to the Wicked Witch where you can find a crystal ball and a bucket of water.
-In the courtroom, there is the control room hidden by a curtain. (We discover that the Wizard is just an impostor, and that he tampered with all his magic tricks).

This creation contains approximately 1500 bricks