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Butchers Shop


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Every town, every city you find one or more butchers shops, meat stores is another name from them.

This store design is based on an actual butchers shop in a town in rural South Australia.

I have used a studs-not-top mounting of it's front window, plus the meat cabinet is also using SNOT as well.

Also included is tools on the wall, a scales/register plus underneath wrapping paper storage.

In this set, meat in the cabinet plus one butcher minifig.

The name on the building is only there for use at Lego shows in my Aussie town layout.

Many of my other layout structures are also on Ideas as well.

The price on this model would be about 70 dollars (Australian Dollars).

If you like this, if you believe that Lego City needs more shops, please support and follow this project.

Thank you for reading and Brick On ! 

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