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Rocky Reef Restoration

Coral reefs are one of the most beautiful of our mother’s natural creations. Unfortunately, due to climate change and ocean pollution, reef survival is endangered. Humanity is making a great effort to restore and protect our reefs, and their struggle inspired me with this Ideas entry.
The idea:
Two scientists onboard a jellyfish-shaped submarine of their own design are making the effort to restore the slowly dying Rocky Reef. Their futuristic vehicle is equipped with a small laboratory to perform on-site tests and a coral nursery to grow new coral buds. These can be later planted on the dead part of the reef. Planting new corals is only half of the task ahead of our protagonists. They also need to clean the reef from marine debris. To achieve this goal, they can use an onboard winch or crab-shaped drone CR-48, their fearless companion.

The build:
The build consists of approx. 1500pcs (256 lots), and it’s composed of two parts: a coral reef (1000pcs) and a detachable submarine (500pcs).
  • Coral reef – grows on inactive, underwater volcano. One of the sides hides a cave. The base is symmetrical so that it can be displayed from any angle. The reef is divided into two: alive, colorful side, and dead, white side. In the volcano’s center lies a pirate’s skeleton and treasure, half buried by floating sand. The reef is full of marine life forms: hammer shark, manta ray, big and small sea turtles, three brick-built jellyfishes, crab, hermit crab, octopus, three fish shoals, and candy cotton lobster (1-in-100 million!). There is also marine debris: old barrels and abandoned crab trap with sunken buoy.
  • Submarine – jellyfish-shaped with a transparent, openable dome. Inside, there is a pilot seat with an on-board computer and controls; a laboratory with scale, desktop computer, microscope, camera, and jars with reagents in the cabinets; a coral nursery in a big fish tank; docking station for CR-48; stands for diving equipment; two gas cylinders; winch and openable hatch. Four movable arms, eight spinning tentacles, four adjustable reflectors, and a bar step next to the hatch are attached to the bottom side of the vehicle.

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