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The Adventures of Tintin


Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy my latest project. It is based on The Adventures of Tintin by Hergé. It comes with 8 characters, these include Tintin, Captain Haddock, Snowy, Thompson, Thomson, Professor Calculus, and 2 crooks. Included in this set is Tintin's motorbike, a jeep for the crooks to escape in, and also a building inspired by the style of building in the Tintin stories and movies. In front of the building is a footpath with a lamp post and a newspaper box. Inside the building is some boxes and valuables which the crooks are hiding in there. I tried to add things to this build such as the crooks and the abandoned building with the crooks smuggled goods to create a mystery for Tintin to solve.

I really hope you all enjoy this creation and support it and share it with your friends, because I would love this set proposal to reach 10,000 supporters!      

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