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Ares Station

The year is 2078. The nations of the world have come together to create the first international planetary station - Ares Station. After multiple missions to and from Mars we have finished the first phase of construction on a research station built into the side of a crater in the Arabia Terra region. The station is currently occupied by a 5 person research team who's skill sets include mechanical engineering, botany, and geology. All are accomplished astronauts. 

This set is made up of 2399 pieces. 

The research station itself is two levels with the only access point through an airlock vault that passes through part of the crater wall. 

The first level contains the following:
Primary entrance 
Computer station
Kitchen with table/cabinets/coffee pot/chairs
Sleeping quarters with 4 bunk beds (the crew rotates so that someone is continuously on watch)
Exhaust fan
Ladder to the second level

Second level:
Hydroponic laboratory
Tank and equipment storage
Primary computer controls
Research lab with a built in lab bench and a rolling cart that contains tools for analyzing rock samples
Ladder up to the observation deck

Observation Deck:

Outside the primary station:

The research garden:
Pressure regulated garden area where several plants are being grown using martian soil
Mechanical arms that allow the astronauts to work with the plants without exposing them to the harsh atmospheric conditions
Sliding drawer for passing material back and forth

Solar Array & Communications Dish:
Two sets of solar panels that power the station
Radio dish for staying in contact with the satellite orbiting Mars

A one man rover for exploring the surface allowing the Astronauts to remove and transport large geological samples. 

I think this would be a extremely fun set to build and display and it will help inspire the imagination of the next generation of Astronauts and explorers!

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