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The Fires of Mount Doom


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Hey, fellow LEGO designers and fans! I have another adaptation of a scene from the Lord Of The Rings series! This display takes place in the scene where Frodo and Gollum fight over the ring, before it makes it into the fires in which it can be destroyed. Simple, no?

The steps; I love angle plates. I have no idea why. Maybe it's the shape and amount of uses, but if you ever need stairs or steps, angle plates are the pieces to use. It actually took a bit of redoing on the steps so that they could obtain their carved, natural shape. Like my 'Frodo's Vision' set, I made them shorter than appearance, but they still are a nice detail.

The entrance to Mount Doom; When I saw this in the movie I was like "How on Middle-Earth am I supposed to make that smaller?" I decided to make the inner frame of it all, even though it was probably a fourth of the size of 'The Black Gate' set. Either way, it is a very nice piece. I included blades on the side to give it a scarier and sleeker appearance!

The 'cliff'(thing); I am actually quite proud of this one, I remember on the LoTR game seeing the outcrop of it be decorate with large black panels, which I decided not to include, and went straight back to what the movie had, just a long narrow peak leading from the door. I included a hinge on the end for the rocks to collapse, and included small red 1x1 pieces on the bottom to give it a bit of feel.

Frodo, Sam, And Smeagol; I'm pretty sure they can reprint this. They didn't have capes in the scene, so I'm rather glad I didn't go with their original outfits, and instead used their button down Shire attire and overalls. Smeagol can definitely be remade(According to LDD he doesn't have a face).

This set was fun and easy to make and I hope you guys will enjoy it. Don't forget to support if you want this on shelves!

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