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The Brave of Police Fire J-Decker


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"Hold up! Brave police Deckard!"



I made Fire J-Decker from the Brave Series 'The Brave of Police J-Decker'.

All can be transformed from vehicle to robot without many parts changes.

combining is also possible without many parts changes. 

I made it through the ldd program. 

I tried a lot to reproduce both the original reproducibility, the neat deformation, and the high degree of freedom and strength of the joints.

I am Korean. I don't speak English very well. So sorry for the awkward writing. 

There is an article explaining all the transformations. 


All posts are Korean because it is a Korean site. 

All the necessary pictures have already been taken, so other robots will be writing soon.


I'm not good enough, but I hope you'll enjoy it.

J-Decker :

Duke Fire : 

Fire J-Decker : 

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