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Classic Rocket


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This is a rocket loosely based on the 1980's spaceships LEGO produced. I have put in a brick-based shell, opening rear, and storage compartment. I have also included a small explorer, because often the sets had something of the like. I imagine that this ship would explore space, and when it touched down, it would send out the explorer to find suitable places to terraform for colonization.

Two minifigures are included, a blue spaceman and a white spaceman. Sadly, only one can have air tanks, for the explorer can only fit into the ship if the minifig lies down, which he can not do with air tanks. Another way out of this is to twist the tanks around to his front. They both have simple faces and a full classic space logo on their front.

As I mentioned, the explorer fits into the back of the ship.

The minifigs would have one or two accessories, I have a wrench and a radio in my photos. One accessory can also fit on the back of the explorer.

Something that could be added is a small outpost. I have put this into effect in another project which I am currently working on.

Preferably I would have the windscreen be yellow, in the manner of the 1980's ships, however that piece does not yet exist.

Also, please note that the stickers inside the storage bay would not be included.

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