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Tour De France Automaton

The Tour de France is about to depart from the home country of the LEGO Group, one of the most bike friendly countries in the world. Celebrate by cheering on this mechanical model to 10 000!

Iconic: The Tour de France is one of the most viewed sporting events in the world, regularly attracting well over a billion TV viewers over the course of the three-week event. The yellow jersey is one of the most recognizable uniforms in all of the sports, and is uniquely associated with excellence.

Groundbreaking: A podium finisher in the 'We Love Sports Contest' in early 2021, this model brings the most efficient form of transportation to life in LEGO bricks, with motor or crank powered pedaling function and a working derailleur. A technical knowledge of the source material was necessary to stay true to the road bike’s athletic shape.

Timely: The Tour de France is about to begin, and cycling is more popular than ever. Biking, either on the road or trail, is an opportunity to get outside, exercise, and eliminate emissions.

A technical, engaging build, this model packs exciting play features while making a great display piece.

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