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Shining Time Station

Shining Time Station was a children's television series created by Britt Allcroft and Rick Siggelkow for New York City's PBS station WNET, and ran from January 29, 1989 to June 11, 1993. It was an early method to broadcast the British series Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends in the US. Each episode consisted of several segments; live action segment at Shining Time Station, puppetry segments with The Jukebox Band, music video/learning segments from either The Picture Machine or The Everything Tunnel, and one or two Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends stories narrated by Mr. Conductor. Other characters included stationmaster Stacy Jones, arcade owner Horace Schemer, engineers Harry Cupper and Billy Twofeathers, and a revolving door of visitors to the station.

This set would include Shining Time Station, The Rainbow Sun train, and 6 minifigures; Stacy Jones, Mr. Conductor (both the version from Season 1 and the version from Seasons 2 and 3), Horace Schemer, Harry Cupper, and Billy Twofeathers.

I believe this would make a great addition to any LEGO or model railroad collection.

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