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Tea with Mr. Tumnus


Lucy Pevensie walks through the wardrobe, by the lamp post, and into Narnia! The first Narnian she meets is Mr. Tumnus. He is very hospitable as he walks with her, shares his umbrella, and takes her to his home. He serves her tea and biscuits and plays his flute. As he plays, the flames dance and Lucy is entranced. He is under orders, but has a change of heart. Mr. Tumnus proves to be a great friend to the Pevensie children. 

C. S. Lewis' classic books about Narnia and the movies developed from these books, are full of imagination. This set based on the first of these books, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, is ready to ignite imaginary play or to use as display. Please support this set!

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