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Off Road Explorer


The Off Road Explorer can go almost anywhere. Its eight wheels allow it to roll over the terrain with ease. It has a powerful engine that roars happily. All your gear will fit into the many storage spaces available. There is the big space in the rear, the many lockers and compartments along the sides, and the clam shell roof. There is plenty of leg room in the cabin for you and your friend on any of your expeditions. 

This is a reasonably large model, it has 1308 pieces. There are several interesting mechanical elements to this model. he upper storage space has two doors that open like a clam shell. The two middle doors have two movements. Firstly, the ladder folds down to form a ramp. Secondly the door lifts out, remaining vertical, revealing the space inside. There are plenty of opening compartments in various sizes. The wheels are fixed to a beam in sets of two, which is then attached to the vehicle in the middle, this allows the wheels to move up and down over obstacles.

There is a lot of detail on this model. There are steps and hand rails below the cabin doors. There are transparent pieces for lights. There are rails adding trim detail along the sides. There are protective bars over the windshield. There are vents over the engine compartment and an intake fan on top. There is a spare wheel mounted on the rear hatch. 

This model has lots of moving parts, and can be driven around. This creates good interest, thanks to the interesting moving parts. This is why I think this will make a good Lego set.

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