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The V.U.L.T. Rover


Introducing the V.U.L.T. Rover (Voyager Unit Loading Transport)! The VULT is a multi-use vehicle that can adapt to just about any situation at hand. It comes with a little mini-rover that fits into the back, a refueling tank, and supply crates for transport of materials! It also features a fully functional suspension system that will align with any curve to allow for smooth rides on rough terrain.

The VULT comes with four minifigures, all of which can fit into the cockpit at the same time. The set comes with two engineers, a scientist, and a soldier, all of which can be identified by their right arm shoulder colors. Black is an engineer, red is a soldier, blue is a scientist. The engineers typically drive the rover and scout potential mining locations, the scientist runs test on gathered minerals, and the soldier keeps the group safe from outside threats.

And speaking of threats... the set would also come with the zombie ghost of a previous expedition's crewmember. What happened on that previous expedition that caused the crewmember to come back as such? That's up to you to figure out!

Rover features:

  • Fully opening cockpit and storage bay
  • Folding ladders to allow rover roof access
  • Mini-rover that fits into the back
  • Maintenance bay
  • Refueling tank with attaching hose
  • Full crew of four figures

Now for some backstory. I came up with this rover concept as I was designing suspension systems for fun. The system you see here on the rover consists of several axles that allow the wheels to move with any surface.

So if you'd like to see this as a real Lego set, upvote and follow this set and give me your feedback! I will be adding to this set as ideas occur to me and feedback is given. Thanks for looking!

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