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Old Parliament House Canberra



I present my interpretation of the Old Parliament House (OLP) located in Canberra (Australia). It is based on 3 x 48 stud baseplates with just under 3000 pieces in total. I have tried to get it to as smaller scale as possible to reduce the amount of pieces while maintaining the basic form of the building.

Old Parliament House (History)

The Old Parliament House was completed in 1927 and housed the seat of the Federal Australian Parliament until 1988. It was also known as the Provisional Parliament Building due to the original Canberra design by Walter Burley Griffin to have a feature permanent Parliament House on Capital Hill (directly behind the OLP).

A simplified Classical Style of architecture with a symmetrical layout design was used which was prevelant in Canberra during the 1920's and 1930's. Since 2009, it houses the Museum of Australian Democracy to tell the story of Australia and its political history.

Old Parliament House (Lego Model)

Due to the size and scale of the building, this model depicts only the front section of the building which is the most recognised facade. The original detailing of the building is repetitive throughout and I have tried to simplify the construction of the model as much as possible. A brief outline of the primary components used are:

- standard lego bricks.

- technic components to create the roof base structure.

- standard lego plate pieces.

I hope you all enjoy this model.



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