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Art Deco Home (1920's House)


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What a luxury house might have looked 100 years ago!

With thanks to the following fellow creators for many, many reasons:

The inspiration behind this Idea is twofold.
Art Deco Style circa 1920
A Lego House in minifig scale.

Historically Lego has made some amazing houses, but I believe that many fans would now enjoy a larger scale home to build using techniques and scale more akin to the Creator Expert/Icons series. It's also in an Art Deco style of design. I'm a big fan of the buildings, interior design and fashion of this movement.
(You may have noticed my other Art Deco Idea in my profile.)

The build comprises of 2710 pcs. According to the program I used 610 different types of brick in 42 colours. Approximate dimensions are 40x26x25cm or 48*32*32 in studs!
I have tried to capture the feel of Art Deco without custom stickers but if this makes it all the way, the potential for some really striking visuals is massive. I wanted to make this achievable using standard bricks in (mostly) available colours.
In terms of techniques, there are a couple of nuggets here but essentially the Idea is in a simple, but (hopefully) visually engaging style.
This build is compatible with Creator Expert or Icons modular buildings but from an architectural point of view is in dramatic contrast to this existing line. So much so that I think it would make a great solo display piece for fans buildings and architecture.
I also deliberately went for a vertical opening method as this lends itself to a differing display style and most importantly so you can easily get minifigs in and out to play with the build!
There are a few Easter Eggs in this build, just for fun. Deliberate anachronisms for the period of the build but there to offer a modern-day twist! Kudos to anyone who can spot them all!

External front
  • Bus stop - inspired by those near where I live, including clock and seat.
  • Ornamental paving at entrance to property
  • Curved wall and archway to property
  • Modular style streetlight - so it would be in keeping with Creator Expert/Icons series
  • Flower bed and water table (with bird)
  • Paving stones to doorway
  • Weeping willow style tree - this is my least fave bit but really wanted to try to do one
  • Art deco door with statuettes either side
  • Outdoor sofa
  • Barbeque pit
Ground floor front
  • Parquet flooring
  • Pillars
  • Mirrored tiles
  • Plants
  • Slimline art
  • Modernist sofa
  • Vases
  • Bust
  • Retro floor lantern
  • Floating stairs
Ground floor rear
  • Coffee table
  • Art Deco statue ("holding up" the stairwell)
  • Geometric decorative floor design
  • Beehive wall lamps
  • Art Deco chairs and table
  • Vertical blinds (which pivot open and can also be slid to one side)
  • Galley kitchen with cooker, slimline dishwasher, coffee machine and sink with mixer tap
Sub 1st floor radio room
  • Early 20th century wireless (radio)
  • Designer cabinet with ornate feet that opens up
  • Candle vase
  • Plant stand
  • Curvy chair
  • Poled stairs
  • Retro floor lantern
  • Exit to balcony with outdoor chair
1st floor bedroom
  • Art Deco wardrobe
  • Rug with tassels
  • Curved bedside unit
  • Minimalist bed with geometric bedstead
  • Round mirror
  • Bedside lantern
1st floor bathroom
  • "floating" sink and surround
  • Moon-shaped mirror
  • Toilet and toilet roll dispenser
  • Curved shower
  • Parquet tiling
  • Plants in stand
  • Lamp (adjacent bedroom)
  • Wall up lighting
External rear
  • Planters and flower beds
  • Covered walkway with cobbled path
  • Geometric paving flags
  • Garden candle box
  • Statues with dish open flames on top of the heads

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did in creating it. I thoroughly enjoy researching the period and attempting to put the details in Lego form. With your support, I'm sure the Lego designers would really be able to make this Idea very special.

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