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Florist on Bicycle


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1. What it is:
This is the flower vendors on bicycles. They can carry flowers on many roads to bring flowers to buyers. This image is often seen on the streets during holidays and flower harvest.
The flowers with many colors red, yellow, white, pink ... bring joy to buyers. Depending on the season, there are different types of flowers. Looking at the flowers for sale, the pedestrians can clearly feel the season is coming on the street.

2. Why I built it:
I want to recreate the image of flower vendors on the street with bicycles. It's a very poetic image of labor.

3. Why I believe it would make a great LEGO set:
This is a cute, simple model depicting real-life pictures.

This model includes:
2 minifigures
2 bicycles
2 flower baskets
Many flowers of different colors

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