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Titanium Gigadriller


This Lego model is based on the style and looks of the iconic Power Miners series released by Lego in January of 2009. Its really disappointing that this theme was cancelled. So in honor of one of the most beloved series made by Lego, I have designed this model by combining 4 of the original sets.

This model includes:

  • 5 Human minifigures
  • 5 Rock monsters (in different colors)
  • 12 Crystals
  • 10 Dynamite pieces
  • and a lot more accessories like pickaxes, shovels and more
  • A mechanism that makes the drill turn every time the wheels turn
  • Movable claw arms
  • A dynamite elastic catapult (not dangerous)
  • Removable cockpit
  • A crane in the back

I really like the Power Miners theme and i hope that there is people out there that like this series has much has i do and that would like to see a part of it come back in the present

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