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Martian Archaeological Discovery Vehicle


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Back story: In the future, science has advanced to a point where human life is sustainable on Mars. Scientists have been sent to investigate the prehistoric life forms that inhabited the planet when water was still abundant on the surface, and to discern why they went extinct.

Set: This tractor is designed to cope with the rugged Martian terrain, and allow the scientists to explore the vast deserts with all the tools they need to bring fossils back to base. The four groups of wheels each have their own suspension, and the cockpit seats one minifigure. There is a hatch in the rear that opens into the bed, which is large enough to accommodate the fossil transport crate. The crane on top may need some redesign, but is meant to be used to hoist bones (and whatever else may be buried in the desert!) into the back of the tractor. It can also be used to lower the scientists into ravines and caverns for subterranean exploration. The small base is meant to represent a dig site, with bones of a prehistoric alien beast. A trailer hitch is included.

I think this theme would be an interesting cross between science and science fiction. No laser guns or space attacks, just a hopeful look at what could actually happen if people do get to Mars. I can think of several more sets along this line, that draw inspiration from both the Johnny Thunder-like Lego themes and the more traditional NASA type sets. Kind of a new spin on the Rock Raiders, one of my favorite themes growing up. This is my first submission to Lego Ideas, so hopefully it goes well! Thanks!

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