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Johnny Thunder - The Lost Temple

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Ready to dive into the wild Jungle? Johnny Thunder and his friends, Dr. Kilroy, Pippin Reed, and Harry Cane, are back for a new exciting adventure in the Jungle. Going to the Amazon river in South America, they are trying to find the magical Sun Disk protected by the mysterious Achu. But their opponent Senor Palomar and his partner, Rudo Villano, are on their way too! This expedition is going to be full of surprises and unexpected events: a big journey is waiting for our adventurers!

The jungle, as I see it in books and movies never stops to fascinate me; the diversity of colors, species, and atmosphere, are something that really inspires me. Even if the Adventurers theme isn't from my generation, I consider Johnny Thunder's sets and the jungle theme especially, as one of the best lego themes. With this project, I hope to bring back this adventure theme!

Having a clear scenario in a model is really important to me, so I've collected some of the most iconic places and elements from the Jungle and put them all into my set, trying to get as compact as possible. Arriving in the Jungle by plane, you will reach the Amazon river, which will guide you through the temple. You reach the temple by crossing the river using the wooden hanging bridge. Inside the temple, you will find the Sun Disk, but make sure you reach the exit or you will be caught inside! Playability takes a very important place in my models; that's why I decided to make the back of the temple completely open to get easy access to the inside. There you will find the main room of the Temple containing the Sun Disk and a skeleton; and below you can access the tunnel in order to reach the exit! In total, the model contains 1520 bricks and has 7 minifigs.

Congratulations! You've managed to protect the Sun Disk and to avoid Senor Palomar to steal the treasure! Thanks to you this magical treasure will be preserved! But wait, one last mission for you! 10'000 supporters can make this project a real lego set: so click on the blue support button and the magic will happen. Also, please show your support with your friends and family if you like it!

And never forget this...Keep dreaming!
Carlierti and Brickproject

-This is a collaboration between CARLIERTI and BRICKPROJECT
-The project has been build on LDD and Mecabricks - rendered on Blender. Special thanks to Mecabricks for this amazing platform and rendering tool!

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