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Castle Builder


     Ever wanted an easier way to build massive castles, without taking hours to build them? Well know you can! Castle Builder comes with 40+ blocks, 4 massive baseplates, and a world of designs. You can castles from tiny little outposts, to humongous fortresses. With Castle Builder, you can make it into whatever you want!

   I got this idea from a similar project. I thought this would make a good playset because I as a kid loved castles, and loved to build them with LEGOs. Castle Builder allows you to make castles and being able to swiftly edit them without having to completely redo the build.


x4 16x16 Bases

x1 Gate

x3 Ponds

x3 Doors

x12 Walkways

x4 Turrets

x20 Walls

x10 Roof Pieces (3 Different Types)

x8 Trees

x1 Peg Box


  Thanks for reading this! I really hope you guys like this, I worked pretty hard on it to make it authentic and accurate, but still have a very high play value. Do me a favor and hit that blue support button, every one helps on my way to 10,000!

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