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Clothing Store

This is a modular, brick-built, clothing store. It measures 16 studs wide, 32 studs long, and 39 studs high(13 bricks high). The front of the building has an opening and closing door with a trash can, the right side has a curved glass plane for its wall, and the left side has a cobblestone wall. The roof is removable with slanted flat pieces curved over the building on the left and right sides. The roof also has a clothing store sign that is not removable with the roof. The interior of the building features a checkout with a cash register, hat rack, a spinnable shirt clothing rack, two shirt clothing racks attached to the wall, pants rack, pants rack attached to the wall with shirts above it, and blue and yellow floor tiling.

The set features five minifigures, two male shoppers, a female shopper, a mannequin, and a store manager. There are also ten minifigure shirts, seven minifigure pants, and two minifigure hats. All clothes on the clothing rack can spin up and be removed except for the hats which simply pull off.

Thank you for your support!

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