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space city

hey sir where did we land its kind of like earth it looks to me its a space city!
thats the introduction/commercial :P

legos got a really good concept with space police and what not right?but wheres the city?!So what we need is a space city the concept would be perfect for kids because anything can happen in a space city!From flying in the air to running lightning fast this gives kids there full imagination because its not like regular boring old life you can have whatever you want happen!The greatest of all though is that you can have star wars or(if you support and make it reality)my project called HALO!!!!!(because thats what its about)and space police would be the already made addition for police sets! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????SUPPORT NOW!!!!!

This is a news/police set the tv will have a image of the villian shone around $5.99

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