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Long Haul Truck With Saw Mill Front Loader

Ideas are lurking everywhere!!!

The inspiration for this build I found on my daily commute on the Trans Canada Highway. The sights are endless what is being put on a flat or low-bed truck/trailer and shipped across the country. One of those days I shared the road with this massive sawmill front loader strapped onto a low-bed long hauler.
My instant thought; "I'm sure I can build that" ...Lego City style!!!

This set contains a sawmill front loader, in colour scheme with a triple axle long haul tractor and a triple axle low-bed trailer. The front loader is proper articulated, the moving arm and the diverse forks are ideal to load and unload logging trucks and train cars with precision as well as finding its main use on sawmill grounds, stacking logs or load them on the deck to be cut to beams and boards.

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