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Majisto's Humble Abode

Hello there,
This is my first submission to LEGO IDEAS, I am delighted to present Majisto's Humble Abode. This is a sort of a love letter to one of my favorite periods in LEGO castle which is the dragon knight era. Even though I did not grow up on these sets, I enjoy looking back on them and am a huge fan of both Majisto and those large terrain/landscape baseplates used in many of the sets. In this build, I have attempted to recreate a few of the sets Majisto appeared in as well as create a more modern version of the terrain baseplate. Additonally, I hope that some of the features and easter eggs in this set will be able to contribute to the LEGO lore surrounding each of the different castle factions.
The Build
Approaching the build along the dirt path, we encounter a tree with a grey owl perched on a branch. Upon closer inspection of the tree, we find that it is no ordinary tree. Inside, are provisions and a sword that Majisto has stored away for future use.
A bit further down the path, we encounter a stone monument of sorts with a purple crystal at its center. This of course is an apparition portal that leads, by Majisto's magical staff, into the attic of his house at the other end of the portal.

Climbing down the ladder into the house, we encounter a roaring fire and a well provisioned table. On the opposite wall from the table, is an alchemical experiment. It seems that our wizard friend is attempting to turn chemicals into gold and by the looks of it, has just achieved success! The books at the back of the house are likely full to the brim with notes on spells, alchemy, and more of the wizard's work.

Coming outside again, the tower catches our attention, on the top, it appears there is a telescope. Alchemist and astronomer, it seems Majisto is more of an archaic scientist than anything else! However, there does not appear to be an apparition crystal at the top of the tower. It is likely Majisto must climb the tower using the ivy growing the height of the tower.

Perhaps this explains the forest-man on the small raft who seems to be bringing a crystal to Majisto. Maybe he will trade it for the gold Majisto just made, after all the forest-men have to finance their battles against the monarchy someway!
But what is this? A mounted dragon knight approaches Majisto's home on the opposite bank. What could he want? Upon following him, this question becomes clear. Hidden under Majisto's home is a cave, and in the cave is a black dragon!

Behind the fearsome, fiery creature is a sword, but not just any sword, but the golden sword (aka, the one you have to have in every single LEGO castle theme to be king). The mounted rider's motivation becomes clear, he is trying to become king! Perhaps he will have better luck than the one who came before him! Also in the cave, there is a treasure chest with a small easter egg to a bygone era in LEGO castle. Could this perahps be what the Witch of the Freight Knight's is after? It's clear the dragon has second thoughts on letting either of them obtain this treasure.
Closing Thoughts
Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider my idea. Please feel free to leave comments, questions, and constructive feedback as this is one of my first free builds in a long time.

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