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Service Truck And Trailer

It's a green truck with a flatbed trailer. The service truck has a bed in the back with 2 tanks that have chains on them. The truck has a bullbar, cab lights and front lights. It also has 2 antenna for a radio. It has a front and rear window with opening doors on the sides. It seats 2 Lego figurines. It even has steps for the figures to get in. Mirrors are a feature added on the side, too. It has a broom, axe, wire, and shovel in the back. 
     Now onto the trailer. It is a flatbed that is 25 studs long and 12 studs wide. It can support 3 pounds without breaking. The wheels on either side have rims and there are lights on the trailer front. The trailer has 2 jacks that fold down so it can easily be connected to the truck. The ramps fold down seamlessly. I even put a license plate on the back. The trailer connects to the truck by a chain and a black Technic pin. The truck can turn 70 degrees with the trailer on. The trailer can hold a excavator and a tractor with duels. 
I built it for a mining set I made, which is a nice edition to it.
It would be a good set because Lego hasn't made something like this before.

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