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Micro Ocean Voyage

The Micro Ocean Voyage tells the story of an ancient fishing boat about to be capsized by a total wave. However, the build tells this story on an 8 by 8 Lego piece. 

The build features a micro sized ancient fishing boat, and an incredible micro sized ocean scene involving a large tidal wave, a rocky shoreline, and a small underwater scene. 

I built the Micro Ocean Voyage because I thought that it would make a nice little ocean themed decoration for any Lego room. That is also the main reason why I think this would make a great Lego Set. This build would also make a great Lego Set because the build features some more advanced building techniques that I think more experienced builders would love, but true to the size of the build it also wouldn't be too difficult for a less experienced builder to make as well.

Part Count: about 150 pieces.

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