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Shadow Agents: Operation Moon-Shot


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It's the heat of the Space Race and all the world's political superpowers are racing to be the first to put a man on the moon. Rather than risk their rivals completing the mission before their own moon shot program has a chance to get off the ground, a team of Shadow Agents working with the Government has abducted astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin along with notoriously perfectionist film director Stanley Kubrick and brought them to a top secret soundstage in the middle of the barren deserts of Utah to film a counterfeit version of their mission to land on the moon, to be broadcast as fact at the first sign of their rival's own program moving forward. Will these brave astronauts ever get the chance to set foot on the moon for real? Will the public be fooled by the Shadow Agents' duplicitous hoax?

Set Includes:

  • Lunar Module setpiece
  • Lunar surface setpiece with stand for flag
  • US flag (flaps even when there's no breeze)
  • Soundstage outer space backdrop with production lighting
  • Prop moonrock 'C', with suspiciously visible label
  • Television camera
  • 2 (two) Shadow Agents
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
  • Stanley Kubrick

And no, I don't know where Michael Collins was supposed to have been when all this was going on either, but he's not included.

Please Note: that this is a set inspired by conspiracy theories and is not intended to be taken as a factual account of actual historical events as they actually transpired.

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