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A-Team van and crew


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A-Team Van and crew

"I love when Lego bricks come together!"
A-Team van features:
- opening doors and roof
- room for three sitting minifigs and one standing up
- chormed light supports
Inside the van you can find:
- a professional recorder like in the tv show
- a mirror used by Hannibal and Face to masquerade and go in disguise
- Face's costume of governament inspector, used to discover confidencial informations
- Hannibal's "old man" costume, used to meet the new A-Team clients
- B.A. Baracus' tools and blowtorch, and dumbells and milk's brick too 
- Murdock's toy-pet, big noisy stereo and "Mad Howling"'s flying cap
The minifigs:
- All the four protagonists of tv show
- all the accessories to disguise them and enter into mission
All minifigs features are conveniently storaged into the van: no need to keep unused pieces and accessories apart.
Special Feature: The minifig stand "... they escaped. Now they are "The A-Team", showing maximum security prison explosion... and a surprise. Because Colonnel Dacker is just behind them...
"If you want an amusing Lego... if no one else can help... and if you support this one... maybe you can buy... The Lego A-Team".

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