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LL 67 Carriage and LL 46 SnakeBite

Score Creeper here!! Today I bring to you the LL 67 Carriage and the LL 46 SnakeBite. it is based off of Peter Reid’s designs from the book: LEGO SPACE: BUILDING THE FUTURE. The two ships combined have 2 pilots, sleek designs, and a nice blue and grey coloring. 

LL 67 Carriage:
Production company: The Federation

Type: Short range patrol ship

Weaponry: Two Pulse Cannons

Energy type: V-D 47 Core 

Crew: One Pilot

LL 46 SnakeBite:
Production company: The Federation

Type: Attack Ship
Weaponry: Two modified pulse cannons (upgraded for battle instead of protecting from space debris)

Energy type: V-X 98 Core

Crew: One Pilot

Thats it for now! Score Creeper out!!

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