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Undertale - Sans Boss Fight


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Do you wanna have a bad time? Then you're in the right place!
With this LEGO set you can recreate the epic Genocide route's final Boss Battle!
This action-packed 720+ piece playset includes three Minifigures: Sans the skeleton, his black and white battle variant, and Frisk, the game's protagonist.
Frisk's head has two face prints, the one that has through the game and an alternate face to indicate they're under the influence of Chara.

This set depicts two locations:

  • Last Corridor (or Corridor of Judgement).
  • Sans Boss Stage.

This is a list of the features of the set:

  • Sans can dodge both left and right by sliding a plate behind Frisk.
  • The Gaster Blasters can both shoot studs from their mouths.
  • You can slide the Gaster Blasters along the rail on the walls.
  • The side platforms can rotate and the Gaster Blaster with them.
  • You can reveal bones from the two lateral floor panels.
  • Frisk's soul features two levers to make them jump or fall.
  • Unfold Frisk's inventory and extra bones for Sans from the hidden compartments.
  • Extra ammunition and tiles are stored in the central part of the Last Corridor.
  • Flowey easter egg hidden beneath the floor of the Last Corridor.
  • Tiles with clip let you add horizontal bones and customize their position.
  • An optional health bar can be built (some disassembly required).

Last but not least, you can customize this set to your liking. There are many extra pieces that let you make the set more unique. You can mix the two Sans minifigs to give normal Sans his blue eye, Battle Sans default eyes, or other combinations. As mentioned above, you can recreate a health bar from the heart's red tiles + extra yellow tiles in the central compartment and put the small heart print in the white rectangle to make a more game-accurate recreation of the battle, and so on...
The choice is yours!

Below you can see a video of the outdated version of the project.

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