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Exploration Power Boat

The Exploration Power Boat is the fourth and final model for my Masters LEGO project. It's primary feature is it's ability to split into a submarine and a segment which is effectively a large, streamlined floatation device, which allows the vehicle to travel at high speeds over the water. The gear at the rear of the vehicle allows the user to rotate the huge jets up and down.

The model shown in this submission isn't going to be the final model that I present at my degree show this summer: I intend to refine the front segment to have more features and functions, so it too can be used as a stand alone model in the same way that the submarine can, and there will also be wings coming off the octagonal hinge plates on the rear of the thrusters.

The model measures over 42cm long, and contains 397 pieces.

I hope you like the model, and be sure to check out my other Exploration proposals. And as always, thanks in advance for any support and feedback.



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