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Outdoor Medieval Market

Thank you for taking the time to check out my project: Outdoor Medieval Market! There are details about each picture I would like to point out, so I will go through each one real quick! 

Main Picture/ Overview: As the title of this project implies, this market is set out of doors. As such, I took a lot of time to add plant -like elements to it, and made the road a sandy brown color. The green edges are made to look like small hills or bumps. Each of the building is made out of some form of brown or grey LEGO brick, to add to the Medieval wooden feel. 

Picture 2/ The Jester: Full of humor and joy, The Jester Performs a balancing act, standing on top of a dark brown telescope piece. The jester also has an animal friend, Parky Parrot often mimics the Jester's jokes and song, adding that element of unpredictability to The Jester's acts, you never know what Parky will say next! All of the Jester's acts and antics are performed atop a brightly-colored rug, that matches his funny clothes and adds a little flare to this scene. 

Picture 3/ Food Stand: What would a Market be without food? The mustachio'd Mad behind the counter offers fresh fish, bread rolls, and sausages to his hungry customers. Of course, the timeless pizza pie makes an a-pie-rance as well. The sausages are hung up to cure, just as they often were, and still are in markets and butcher shops around the world. 

Picture 4/ Tool Stand: This Blacksmith-type figure offers a short sword, an epee and a shovel for anyone to either defend themselves, or fend off garden pests with. A green flag and flagpole are also present on this stand, to help attract customers. This stand has a unique arch design as well, adding to the complexity of the build.

Picture 5/ The Beggar: This poor old man is down on his luck. He hasn't been able to find work and is left with nothing but a bag and the clothes on his back. Sitting below a tree to get some shade, he begs for some coins to buy some bread. 

Picture 6/ The Noblewoman: This rich Noblewoman has come to the market to hire a jester for her husbands' castle. She looks quite elegant with her braides-back, bunned hair and her scarlet silk dress. Her husband has assigned a bodyguard in the form of this Knight-in-training, who often dreams of battles in distant lands, batting barbarians. 

Picture 7/ The Peasant: Thre is not much to say of this humble Peasant. He has come to the market to buy a shovel in order to dig the foundation for a house he has been hired to build.

Above view: The Birds-eye-view reveals some details that the main Picture does not, like the large stump and the mouse that is trying to steal a succulent sausage from the food vendor.  

Thanks Again for viewing and reading about the Outdoor Medieval Market! Plaese support and leave a comment! I would really like to hear your feed back!


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