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This project concept originated as an entry to the Perfect Pet Building Challenge and could serve for the basis of a new animal sculpture-building series; several of the more well-known dog-breeds could be created, as well as cat breeds. Each set would be fairly small in size (running in the $40-$70 USD price range) and would offer the following:

• Affordable price
• An excellent mix of colors
• Fairly-simple build experience (the construction could vary across different sets in the series)
• An official introduction to LEGO sculpture techniques
• A decorative art-piece when finished
• Popular with LEGO builders and non-builders of all ages

Each model could feature a moving head, limbs, a tail, removable collar, and optional accessories (bone, toys, leash). If an entire series was established, the different pets in the product line could vary in size, complexity (level of detail), and number of ‘working’ features; just one pet by itself would be popular with kids and adults alike.

Many people, LEGO fans and non-builders alike, would enjoy having a brick-built pet sitting in their living room; kids would enjoy building and playing with it and adults could use this unique conversation-starter to decorate their homes and offices-spaces.

If this sounds like something you think that the LEGO company should produce, please vote for this project. Thank you for all of your support!

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