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A Lego Picture



This is my latest creation; it is called ‘A Lego Picture’. This model is made up of 793 bricks. There is also a coupling plate to hold the picture on the wall. Don’t worry! It will not fall of the model; it is attached to the model by many plates. There are another two coupling plates in the front. As you can see that some round transparent plates are attached to it, but you can also pass a small LED or any other light from it for the brightness of the model. There are slope bricks on left and right hand side of the photo frame.

The whole painting is made up of 1x2 or 2x2 plate bricks. In the painting there are two grass hills, one on the left and one on the right. They are of green and sand color. After them there is a mountain like structure, it is of brown and sand color.  You can see that water fall falling from the mountain to the river; you can check the difference between the water fall and river by looking at the color of the plates. The plates with medium blue and bright blue color are the water fall and the plates with color light blue are the river. Now there is evening in the sky that is why there is bright yellow and flame yellowish orange color for the plates of the sky. The black 1x2 bricks are for the birds. There are three trees; two of them are on the mountain and one of it in on the grass hill. 

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