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Clothing Store Modular


This is a Modular Moc I made for Lego Ideas. It has a clothing store on the first floor, a artist studio on the second floor and a caf'e on the top. This idea comes with 6 minifigures and so much removable items (as seen in picture number 7). It also has removable floors and staircase for maximum playability. The clothing store has 2 cloth racks, 1 self for more clothing storage, 2 top selves for hat storage, a counter, a jewels display, 2 mannequins and a changing room. The artist studio has a potery bowl, potery items, a painting table, 2 statues, a desk, a bed, a stove, a sink, a self with many microfigs, a bathroom, a plant pot and a spilt paint bucket. The caf'e has outside seating, a counter with a sink and other items, a stove, and a display of goods. Hope you enjoy and support this idea.

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