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Hazmat Guy Brickfigure versus...


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This project is for five buildable Brickfigures and some additional pieces to allow for additional items.  (Based on existing LEGO Minifigure designs)

  • Includes 5 buildable Brickfigures:  Hazmat Guy, Space Alien, Zombie, Genie and Mermaid  

I was inspired to create Brickfigures by combining LEGO Minifigures and LEGO Miniland Figures, with a focus on 1x2 LEGO bricks.  They are brick built figures that are buildable, poseable and easily modified to allow alternatives.

My intention is that the faces should be printed (as per Minifigures), and that additional printing be added as appropriate.

This project is for a singular product and is not a suggestion for a theme or a series.

Please consider supporting this project and if you have time please leave a comment.  Thank you.

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