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4 Wide DB V90 Loco With Freight Wagons

Four studs wide V90 diesel loco with a long, eight wagons freight layout. Microfig - H0 scale. 

I designed and built this to provide a smaller, H0 scale alternative to the usual Lego trains.
The set has a high play value with all the various wagons. The individual elements are easy to build. The complete set can be short or long, how the player wants it. You can play with them on or off rails. The H0 scaling may also make it interesting for H0 railroad enthusiasts. 

The designed train has a DB Class 90/100 diesel locomotive with eight 2 axle wagons in tow. The wagons are Ore, Cooler, Flat, Freight, Tanker, Stake, Silo and Gondola.

Total brick count for the train set (loco and the eight wagons) is around 1000. The full train length with all the wagons attached is about 95 cm.

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