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Rustic Cabin


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I have created a small secluded log cabin with everything you need to live off the grid. It is made up of 1898 pieces and 2 minifigures.

The cabin itself features:
A roof made of many different types of wood slats, this can be removed for easy access to the interior.
A large covered porch big enough for multiple minifigures to stand on.
A chimney connected to the fireplace within and which also has a plant growing up it and birdhouse on it.
2 outside lights.

The area around the cabin has:
A vegetable patch growing carrots and pumpkins.
A large apple tree.
A well for water.
A picnic bench big enough for 4 minifigures.
A chicken coop with 2 chickens.
There is also a stepping stone path leading from the cabin porch to the vegetable patch and well.

Within the cabin there is:
A fireplace.
An armchair.
A large bed.
A small kitchen area.
A few plants.
A chest of drawers.
3 Lamps.

I built this as I am very interested in nature and would love to live in a cabin like this one, I also wanted to try out a different way of making the roof of a building and I think this turned out quite well. I believe it would make a good LEGO set as it be good for play as well as display. It has colourful features which would help it to stand out in any collection and also many different ways minifigures are able to be posed.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope I get your support. Please share this wherever you can and with whomever you can.

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